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Cosmetic Dentistry Santa Ana CA

Cosmetic Dentistry Santa Ana CA is a professional oral care facility that focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth, mouth, and most of all, your smile. Although cosmetic dentistry treatments are usually voluntary rather than a necessity, some cases of procedure also supply restorative advantages.

Here are the most common procedures used in cosmetic dentistry:

  • Teeth Whitening. This is one of the most basic cosmetic dentistry treatments available. It is also called teeth bleaching, and it can be performed at your dentist’s workplace. The dentist will clean and remove the plaque, tartar, and other food debris from the surface of each tooth, restoring their natural appearance before teeth whitening will occur. Teeth can also be bleached to attain an even lighter shade than their original color.
  • Dental Veneers. Dentists will create a custom made for each patient to bear a resemblance of one’s natural teeth. Dental veneers are typically fabricated from medical-grade ceramic. Veneers can resolve numerous cosmetic dental problems, ranging from crooked teeth to damaged enamel to noticeable spaces between two teeth. The dentist will use a dental adhesive when applying the veneer to the front teeth.
  • Implants. They are used to restore teeth after tooth loss. The dentist installs a small titanium screw toward the jaw at the area of the missing tooth. That screw will serve as a support for the crown. The implants are almost identical to the surrounding natural teeth, and they are permanently attached into place, one the bone and supporting tissue put together to the implant. During the implant placement period, patients need to exercise meticulous oral hygiene to clean plaque and food debris from the mouth.
Cosmetic Dentistry Sta Ana CA

Dental bridges are a satisfactory restorative dentistry treatment conducted by dental bridge Santa Ana to their patients for the longest time. This is one of the options they have available.

Dental Bridges - Advantages

Do you have missing teeth in the mouth? Dental bridges are one of the effective solutions to that, offering both aesthetic correction and practical. The loss of the original teeth, a dental bridge can repay that, particularly if the bridge matches in color to the neighboring teeth. For patients who are uncomfortable about their missing teeth, bridges can help them improve their self-confidence.

Dental Bridges - Disadvantages

There are cases after the bridge is fitted, the healthy teeth on the other side of the gap that hold the pontic may become damaged. If the bridge and crowns are not well fitted, there is a risk of decay and will allow plaque and bacteria to enter below them. The healthy supporting teeth have insufficient strength to hold the bridge and therefore collapse for some patients. In severe cases, this problem will need to be addressed because the abutment teeth may be replaced by dental implants eventually.

What is teeth bonding? How will it work?

To begin with, your dentist at cosmetic dentistry Santa Ana CA clinic will use a shade guide to select a composite wax color that similarly matches the color of your natural teeth. The dentist will apply a liquid that enables the bonding agent to adhere to the tooth after the dentist roughens the exterior part of the tooth. Next, the dentist will apply the composite wax over the liquid, molds or shapes the tooth and then solidify the material with the use of ultraviolet light. If needed, the dentist can additionally shape the tooth after the wax solidifies. tooth bonding Santa Ana conducts a quick procedure, and no downtime is required. You could proceed with your regular daily routine after the procedure if you did not need anesthesia.

If you are thinking about cosmetic dentistry treatments, talk with cosmetic dentistry Santa Ana CA who is trusted and expert in the service and has a decade of experience.

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