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The dentist Santa Ana ca accommodate all of your dental needs, from regular cleanings and fillings to bruxism products.

On this page, we've provided explanations of some of our most popular services to help you understand your choices.

Oral Examination 

A visual inspection, charting, periodontal probing, diagnosis, and treatment instructions are all part of the initial oral examination. We'll also take x-rays, including a panoramic x-ray to diagnose the anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth, as well as a bite-wing x-ray sequence to diagnose proximal decay in posterior teeth.


Dentures were the only choice for removing a missing tooth or teeth until the invention of dental implants. Implants are artificial structures mounted in the tooth region where the root would usually be. Implants are a base for an artificial tooth or a permanent bridge anchored to the jawbone or a metal structure. Implants may be used to secure dentures in some situations.

To prepare the area for an implant and position the implant in the mouth, surgery is required. After the operation, it takes time for the implant to take hold and bone tissue to grow in and anchor the unit. Metal posts are often inserted into the implant during a follow-up operation to attach the tooth to the implant. Like any other regeneration dental process, implants require meticulous oral hygiene and good care to ensure that they last a long time.


Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or plastic bonded to the front of your teeth to alter their color or form. Veneers are used on chipped, discolored teeth, unusually shaped, unevenly spaced, or crooked, and have irregular surfaces.

Bridges and Crowns

Crowns are artificial caps mounted on the top of a tooth and are typically made of porcelain. Following a restorative operation such as a root canal, crowns are commonly used to preserve a tooth's function and appearance. Crowns are sometimes used to repair teeth when decay has progressed to the point that significant parts of the tooth must be removed.

Whitening of the teeth

When the outer layer of enamel wears away due to aging or items like caffeine and cigarettes, the dentin, the darker tissue of your teeth, may become visible. People with dirty, dull, or discolored teeth will have their smiles restored with whitening procedures.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are small passageways that branch out from underneath the tooth's crown and run vertically downward until they meet the root's tip.


Rinsing the mouth to rid it of debris and other matter will also relieve simple toothaches. A piece of debris stuck between the tooth, and another tooth may often cause or aggravate a toothache. To relieve pain, do not place an aspirin between your tooth and gum, as the dissolving aspirin will damage your gum tissue.

Dental Emergency

Our mission is to assist you in reducing the likelihood of requiring emergency care. This is why we spend so much time creating a Lifetime Treatment Plan that will help you avoid unanticipated pain or tooth breakage in the future.

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